Do you find it challenging to plan and to make fact-based decisions for your e-mobility business?

EV charging plays a vital role in the future of mobility. Due to the overall complexity of the market and a vast number of players, transparency is often lacking. Moreover, reliable market insights are hard to find - making it difficult for executives to plan their business based on facts and figures.

Market intelligence built for the EV charging business.

CHARGING RADAR uniquely combines strategic market intelligence and analyst advisory services through data, insights, and analytical tools. We enable industry leaders to make fact-based decisions to power their market monitoring, business planning, and strategic growth.

The focus areas of CHARGING RADAR include:  

Network development

Development of CPO and MSP networks with a focus on geographical coverage, technical charger details, historical growth and more

Network usage

EV driver charging behavior and adoption of charging infrastructure

Quality assesments

Customer experience for quality assurance, analyzing up- and downtime as well as abort and misuse

The most comprehensive data source for the public EV charging market.

CHARGING RADAR is the most advanced business analytics platform for the public EV charging market. We rely on the same data platform FUSiON by CIRRANTiC that supports the award winning MOOVILITY app and allows EV drivers all over the world to find the next charging option. Our data is regularly updated to ensure accuracy and to track the latest market trends.

The most extensive collection of thousands of data points:



433 k

Charge Points

73 m

Charging Sessions


Charge Point Operators


Charging Service Providers

5 years

Charging History

CHARGING RADAR tailored to your needs.

For clients looking to inform their strategic plans we offer custom research solutions that leverage proven frameworks, industry expertise, and our proprietary data. We support industry leaders throughout the entire business cycle:

CHARGING RADAR offers a wide array of insights and solutions to answer your questions with regards to the past and future development of the EV charging market.

Custom engagement

We have a data-driven approach to answering your specific questions so you can make fact-based decisions with customized data evaluations.

Custom dashboards

We develop your customized CHARGING RADAR dashboard that is tailored to your use case. All custom dashboards can be complemented with your own data.

Use cases to answer the industry’s most pressing questions.

Market Assessment

Build winning market entry and expansion strategies with confidence by understanding the overall market of public EV charging.

Competitive Landscape Analysis

Identify business opportunities by assessing the public EV charging landscape from all sides to understand your own market position in terms of competitors, market, and pricing.

Location Analysis

What makes a charging location attractive and where do we see charging hotspots? Understand the specifics that characterize a charging location.

Pricing Comparison

Compare tariffs and B2C prices for MSPs and CPOs (direct payment).

EV Driver Charging Behavior

When, where and for how long do EV drivers recharge their cars? Understand the typical charging patterns of EV drivers.

Adoption of Charging Infrastructure

How long does it take for newly installed charging infrastructure to be used? Learn more about the adoption of newly installed charging locations.

A trusted partner to industry leaders

CHARGING RADAR in the media

Read our recent publications with eMobility Excellence.

eMobility Excellence is an initiative by P3 Automotive and CHARGING RADAR to guide customers in all relevant questions around eMobility. CHARGING RADAR is the analytics partner and content provider of eMobility Excellence award by Auto Bild.

EMP Benchmark Q1/2021


Strong market growth in EV EMP services - Car manufacturers' charging services now included into the new edition of the report.

Benchmark Q3/2020


Market for charging services with onging dynamics regarding coverage and pricing schemes - revealing new distinction along HPC.

Benchmark Q1/2020


We have analysed the coverage of various leading charging services and compared in detail - revealing interesting head-to-head competition.

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